Send in an item for the Basket Raffle at Mayfair!!!

Class Themes For Mayfair Baskets

Mayfair is just around the corner and it is time to start filling our baskets for the raffle!

This time each year, every EES classroom is assigned or chooses a theme for their classroom Mayfair basket.  We hope that the families in each class will donate either new or gently used items related to their class’ topic to fill the baskets. During Mayfair, the filled baskets will be set up for viewing in the cafeteria and children will have a chance to enter their names and phone numbers on raffle tickets to win their favorite basket. The winners will be announced at the end of Mayfair.

Below is a list of this year’s themes along with some suggestions for related items to be donated to your classroom’s basket.  Donations will be collected in each classroom and will be welcome until Wednesday, May 19th.  In addition to theme related items, medium to large baskets may also be donated since there is an ongoing need for them.  All proceeds from the basket raffle support the EES PTO.

Please feel free to contact Lara Gentchos at or Sandy Flemer at if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Miss Bessette MUSIC FUN: Flutes, harmonicas, bells, chimes, whistles, small drums and tambourines as well as, books, games, music gift certificates.

Mrs. Quinn GARDENING: gloves, pots, seeds, sun hat, gardening tools (for children), insect collector, factual books, water sprayer, small plants.  No soil or chemicals, please!

Mrs. Weishaar COOKING: cookbooks for kids, apron, measuring spoons, chef’s hat, cookie cutters, baking mixes, recipe cards, sprinkles.

Ms. Nutting/Miller FARM & ECONOMICS: pretend fruits and vegetables, farm animals, pretend money, books on farming.

Mrs. Case DINOSAURS: factual books, figures, fossils, fossil kit, stickers, models.

Mrs. Spinner OUTDOOR GAMES: Frisbee, kite, jump rope, Nerf balls, sidewalk chalk, wiffleball set, bubble blowing stuff, water balloons, jacks.

Ms. Bellavance FLIGHT: Anything that flies, airplanes, rockets, helicopters, books about flight.

Mrs. Fagan ANIMALS: Animal-related T-shirts, hats, books, movies, plastic toys, pet magazines, leash, goldfish snacks.

Ms. McMorris GAMES NIGHT:  small family games, card games, board games, books of games and puzzle books, popcorn and snacks, hot cocoa mix.

Mrs. Flaherty/Ms. Palmer OUTER SPACE: factual books, stories, planetary models, posters, mini telescope, astronaut figures, glow-in-the-dark stickers.

Mr. Houchens ARE WE THERE YET?: travel related items, cards, maps, travel-sized games, Mad Libs, coloring supplies, travel mug, water bottle, books, journal, paper, envelopes, stamps, disposable camera, photo album.

Mrs. Ross GROOVY: mini disco balls, hippie stuff, peace signs, tie dye, shades, beads, music.

Mrs. Prescott THE YOUNG WRITER: mechanical pencils, pens, notebooks, journals, pencil sharpeners, stationary and stamps, writers’ magazine, thesaurus, dictionary, books, books of poems.

Ms. Flynn MATH FUN: dice, cards, calculators, games, books and puzzles.  Anything that has to do with numbers, shapes and patterns.

Mr. Gillard MYTHOLOGY: Books, stickers, maps, games.  Anything that has to do with the Percy Jackson series.

Ms. Lane WEIRD SCIENCE: measuring tapes, magnifying glasses, science journals, outside thermometers, books, posters, kits and games.  Anything that has to do with basic science concepts.


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