Edmunds “Walks and Rolls” to school October event!

October is “International Walk to School Month”, and Edmunds Elementary will kick off our week-long “Walk and Roll” to school on Monday, 4 October.  Please join in with other walkers and rollers as often as you can this week.  Join one of the walking school bus groups listed below or chat with your neighbors and form your own group.  Don’t forget to take a few moments to appreciate your crossing guards with a friendly greeting or a card signed by some kids in your neighborhood.  Finally, on Friday, 8 October join all walkers and rollers outside of the main entrance to EES before school starts for a final-day celebration with food and drinks.

Here’s a list of some walking school buses for the week of 4-8 October.  If you don’t see one along your route to school, chat with some of your neighbors to start your own:

  • South Union and Spruce Streets (M-F) at 7:50 am with Lisa Bilowith.
  • South Winooski and Spruce Streets (T-F) at 7:45 am with Wendy Turnbull.
  • Maple and Summit Streets (M-F) at 7:50 am with the Tipper Family.
  • Brookes Ave and N. Willard Street (M-F) at 7:50 am with Luis Vivanco.
  • Adsit Ct. and N. Willard Street (M,T,W and F) at 7:50 with Matt Moore.

The benefits of walking and/or rolling to school include:

  • Increased physical activity for our kids;
  • Increased time outside and getting to know the neighborhood;
  • Time to socialize with parents and friends;
  • Decreased traffic congestion and air pollution.

Get some exercise and stay healthy!  Join kids and families from around the globe to walk and bicycle to school in October!


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