“Walk and Roll” a Great Success – Thanks!

Thank you to all who participated in our Walk and Roll to School week.  Every morning, we had over 200 students report that they had either walked or rolled to Edmunds.  That is more than half our student population!  With students walking between 1 – 2 miles to school, the Edmunds community drove 1000 – 2000 fewer miles to school last week than if we all had all driven our cars.  Way to go parents and students!  Finally, a special thank you goes out to Clare Wool who helped coordinate the event!

Students who walked or rolled at least 3 days to school last week received

pencils, a $6 safety gear coupon, and reflectors.  Congratulations to Mr. Houchen’s 4th grade class, which won the Walk and Roll Trophy. Of all the classrooms, they had the largest number students walk or roll to school. They also won a bike-blended smoothie party during snack time!

We presented our crossing guards with Thank-You cards that the students had created and signed at lunchtime.  On Friday morning, students lined the halls and clapped and cheered as Principal Mathias escorted the crossing guards up and down the school hallways.  The guards gave high fives to every little hand that was held up to them.

We also presented our morning drop-off helpers at the horseshoe with Thank-You cards.  Three cheers for our morning drop off crew for making drop off safe for all of us!

Monday:  Karen Tyler and David Jenemann

Tuesday:  Miles Waite

Wednesday:  Tasha Lansbury

Thursday:  Ann Kiley

Friday:  Kirsten Worden


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