Morning Drop Off Protocol (cars on the Main Street circle)

The morning drop-off can be a hectic and busy time. To help make the horseshoe drop-off go as smooth as possible, there is a volunteer parent every morning who will open the car door and help your child out. There are a couple of basic guideline that REALLY help the process be as safe and smooth as possible.

1. Parents should stay in the car if possible and let the volunteers help the child out.

2. Please be patient and wait for the car in front of you to be unloaded.

3. Please do not pass a car that is being unloaded, kids are often getting out from both side and it is very dangerous to pass.

4. It is a right turn only back out on Main Street in the morning.

5. There are two school buses that do a drop-off each morning, and it is illegal to pass a school bus if its flashing stop sign is displayed.  If the bus driver takes down your license number, you will be mailed a ticket.

6. There is no parking in the fire lanes.

With your help, we can keep drop-off safe, easy and stress-free. Thanks for your cooperation. If you would like to volunteer for the morning drop-off, contact Ann Kiley at 864-4727 or email her at:



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