Highlights from 11/7/11 PTO Meeting on Math

During the Monday afternoon PTO meeting, 13 EES faculty and staff, along with Dr. Mathias; 17 parents; and Ward 1 School Board Commissioners Kathy Chasan and Keith Pillsbury met with Penny Stearns, Burlington District Math Coach, about the Bridges Math Program.  Mrs. Stearns briefly explained how the math lessons worked and took questions.

  • Homework expectations for all grade levels:  Teachers and Dr. Mathias clarified that if a child is spending more than 20 minutes on math homework, and they are struggling and getting frustrated, a note (email, paper or right on the homework) should be communicated with the teacher.
  • How to help a child with math homework:  Parents should not give their child the answers to the math problems, but should coach them through the process.  Most importantly, parents should pay attention to their child’s needs, and advise them to take a break from the work, and come back when they are refreshed.
  • The 3rd/4th grade math class issue of numbers of students in the math classes and the time of instruction for some of the students.  Dr. Mathias responded that it is a scheduling issue that has been carefully reviewed.  Parents confirmed that they need to write letters to Superintendent Jeanne Collins to ask for a better solution (ideally an additional part-time math teacher).  *Solutions are underway; look for an update on this next week.

·      Helpful resources for understanding the Bridges math program: The best places to go are to the EES school website, the individual teachers’ websites (access through EES site) and/or the Math Bridges website)

Full Meeting Minutes


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