School Budget Advocacy Meeting Minutes

On Wednesday, 7 December Signe Daly, Peggy O’Neill, Warren Cornwall, Sandy Flemer, and Claudia Renchy-Morton met with School Board Representatives – Keith Pillsbury, Kathy Chasan and Matt Conger to present teacher concerns about the current year, and discuss parent advocacy for the school budget process.  We expressed concerns about the following:

  • Large class sizes in the K and 1st grades that affecting learning, and may pose a safety issue
  • Lack of sufficient instructors and support for English Language Learning (ELL) students
  • Lack of sufficient support for students with behavioral issues
  • As a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school, EES has no full-time behavior specialist or PBIS coaches

As the budget for the next school year is under way, our school board representatives strongly encouraged us to contact Jeanne Collins ( or 865-5332) to express your immediate and long-term concerns, and to advocate for the needs of Edmunds Elementary.  Please include Dr. Mathias ( and all the school board representatives on your emails.  You can find their contact information on the school district website:

We encourage you to attend the public hearings on the school district budget (see posting below).  If you are unable to attend the public budget hearings, please email Signe Daly ( with your concerns, so that she can share them at the meeting.  We hope you can join us at the public meetings on the school budget.


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