School Budget Public Meeting – 15 December, 7pm BHS Cafeteria

As you may know, the school budget for the 2012-2013 school year is currently under review and development for voter approval.  The School Board is meeting Monday night (12/5) to start working on the budget.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with pressing issues related to the school budget, have conversations, hold meetings and tell the PTO leaders how we can help facilitate these conversations.  We’re reaching out to the EES faculty and Dr. Mathias regarding budget related issues, as well as connecting with school board members to express EES concerns.  We also strongly encourage you to contact your school board representatives and Superintendent Jeanne Collins ( to communicate any budget related issues.  The School Board has scheduled two public budget hearings – please attend and voice your concerns: Thursday, 15 December at 7 pm and Wednesday, 4 January at 7 pm both in the BHS cafeteria.  See  for details (where you can also find contact information for your ward representatives).  Email with any comments or suggestions.  Stay informed!



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