EES Community Holiday Gifts Project

During this holiday season, if you are looking for an opportunity to give to a family in the EES community, consider purchasing a gift card (grocery store, gas card, department store, etc.) to donate anonymously.  Every year Ms. Hathaway (EES School Counselor) and Gloria Boucher (EES School Nurse) identify families in need of some extra support and work behind the scenes to solicit gifts and gift cards for the holidays.  This year we are reaching out to the EES community to help provide some gift cards to families in need.  The gift cards can be sent to school in an envelope where they will be collected by the class teachers, and given to Ms. Hathaway. In order to reach families before the December break, please send in gift cards no later than Tuesday, 20 December.  Thank you EES community for your generosity during this holiday season.

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