One-Day Workshop with Author, Educator and Speaker, Rick Ackerly for Parents, Teachers & Other EducatorsWhen our children go off to school the challenges of education are taken to the next level. Becoming partners with everyone involved isn’t always easy.  Counter-intuitive though it may seem, becoming skillful at conflict is the secret to fostering an effective relationship between home and school.

Rick will answer some of the most common questions asked by parents and educators alike including:

What is constructive parent involvement? How do I help with homework without interfering? How do I forge a strong parent-teacher partnership? Are our children being properly prepared?

We all have a vested interest in our children’s education, and with guidance by a professional in the field, we can all feel more confident navigating this sometimes slippery slope.  Rick shares his expertise as a Principal, Parent and Researcher with his audiences and offers his five time-tested toolboxes for making conflict creative.


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