As parents, we want our children to know about navigating the challenges and benefiting from the perspectives of classmates who think and behave in ways that differ from their own. We have heard in the media about the increasing numbers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and other identified or non-identified conditions which affect social and communication skills. But what do we know about the reasons and purposes underlying some of the “unexpected” behaviors our children may be seeing at school? What kinds of support do our children need for developing the necessary skills for accepting, playing, learning, and developing mutually beneficial friendships with classmates who think differently?  How do we, as parents, help our children navigate this increasingly complex social environment? Simply put, sometimes as parents we don’t know how to talk about this stuff with our kids!

Next Tuesday (3/26), thanks to a gift from People’s United Bank, Puppets in Education will spend the day at Edmunds Elementary presenting their Friend 2 Friend (F2F) program with 10 classrooms.  The night before their visit they are offering a free companion workshop for parents.  Participants will get to see the Simulation Game that will be presented to 5th grade leaders, and will have a chance to ask questions about how to talk with their children about this and the puppet presentations with the younger children.  Participants will leave with a deeper understanding about Autism, knowledge of the 7 Friendship Tips, and some ideas for answering questions and engaging in discussion with their children at the dinner table on Tuesday night!

The Friend 2 Friend lead presenter also happens to be Edmunds parent, Karen Newman, M.Ed., who has served as Master Puppeteer and Program Director for Puppets in Education, and as a teacher over the last 20 years, has had a special focus on issues around inclusion.

What?             Friend 2 Friend companion workshop

Who?              All EES Parents/Caregivers

When?            Monday, March 25th from 7:00- 8:00

Where?           EES Art Room  Childcare provided.


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