The Four Winds program costs thousands of dollars to run every year and this is the ONLY fundraiser that is specifically attached to the Four Winds program.

  • Location: Williston Rest Area (Northbound AND Southbound)
  • Need:  people to volunteer to man the stations for a two hour slot AND people to make baked goods or donate drinks/sodas.
  • Volunteers at the Rest Stop will greet visitors, explain the Four Winds mission & serve hotdogs.
  • If you’ve never done it, it’s a lot of fun, and you need not have any skills other than your enthusiasm for the Four Winds program and how the our school’s children directly benefit from a parent led hands on program that brings real life science into the classroom.
  • To sign up for a slot for the Northbound OR Southbound Rest area, please click on the link here: (or paste the URL if the link is not viable)
  • Please note that when you volunteer for a slot, please plan to be there 15 minutes BEFORE your time starts and 15 minutes AFTER you time ends to be sure that there will be someone at the table at all times.
  • To sign up for a slot to donate baked goods, drinks, and other things, please click on the link here:
  • Please note that you should only grab one slot per category.  For example, if you are providing 2 dozen cookies, put your name down for one slot, and then approximate the quantity in the comments section.  Thanks

Contact: Gina MacKinnon,  862-0424 or


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