5th Grade End of Year INFO

Can you believe that these are the final days of your son/daughters elementary school days?  Remember that toothless grin that you sent off 6 years ago?  Where has the time gone?
Wednesday, June 9th:  5th Grade Beach Day Celebration from 9a-2:30p at North Beach.  Some of you have previously signed up to send something in or help out, but we have created a SignUpGenius page to make sure that you all are aware of what is needed.  If you wouldn’t mind looking at it and if you previously signed up through one of us, please sign up again on here.

Beach sign up:  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E0B44ACAB2BA57-5thgrade/28343239

Wednesday, June 10th:  Assembly from 8:05a-9:00a.  This is a special assembly where each kindergartener gives a flower to each fifth grade student as a sendoff.  It is a very sweet Edmunds tradition.  This is held in the EES cafeteria.

Thursday, June 11th: 5th Grade Tribute at 6:30p-8:00p (approximately) in the EES Cafeteria.  The tribute will begin at 6:30p sharp, so please arrive prior to this time.  This is the special event where your child is recognized for completing elementary school.  Each 5th grade teacher stands up and shares their thoughts about the students and slide shows of pictures and accomplishments throughout the year.  This is also held in the EES cafeteria.

 Tribute sign up: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E0B44ACAB2BA57-ees5th/8419407
Thursday, June 11th5th Graders Last Day of School
Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  Please also feel free to invite other family members to the Tribute; siblings, grandparents, etc. are all welcomed.  If you have any questions or need us to assist with the SignUpGenius, you can reach us at:
Ms. Bonanni’s Class:
Carolyn Hanson (carolynhanson21@gmail.com)
Brandi Littlefield (brandi.littlefield7@gmail.com)
Mr. Gillard’s Class:
Nancy Westbrook (Nswestbrook@yahoo.com)
Jennifer Green (jgreenvt@gmail.com)
Mr. Styles’ Class:
Brandi Littlefield (brandi.littlefield7@gmail.com)
Lisa Brighenti (lisa.brighenti@gmail.com)

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