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Hello fellow EES parents,

As we move into our third day of a school strike I’m sure we are all a mix of emotions: worried, frustrated, angry and sad. Many of us wait for answers feeling helpless. But remember there are ways to help no matter what side of the issue you are on.

Reaching out to others in our community to pool childcare resources is one. We’re all in this together as parents and need to support each other when we are able. As we learn of new camps and other childcare resources available we will post them to our facebook page and website.

The Burlington Education Association website gives specific information about supporting our teachers during this strike.

Another thing you can do is contact your school board member. The Burlington School district website is the best place for information about your representatives.

Most importantly, remember we are all members of the same community and everyone is working for what is best for our kids. These decisions that have been made by the BEA and the school board were not made lightly. No one is happy with this situation and many are working hard to come up with a solution. Please remember kindness and understanding to work towards solutions rather than anger and division.



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