January 2010

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Cold-weather protocol. Paul asked whether we should change our policy regarding admittance into the school before the bell. The current policy is when it is below zero, the kids are brought inside prior to the bell, which is the district policy. Other principals say they use discretion. The group discussed it and decided that 10 degrees was a reasonable cut off. Valerie moved to change the cut-off for bringing kids in before the bell to 10 degrees and below, with Ann seconding. The motion passed unanimously.
  3. Parent education programs. Melissa Hathaway updated the group about possible parent education programs. They don’t have the funds to bring in Vicki Hoefle. Scott Noyes will present on positive discipline at JJ Flynn on January 27th and is open to all BSD parents. Louise Dietzel is also scheduled to come present at EES in March. One potential topic is “Creating Safety and Peace in a Changing World.” She’ll let everyone know when the date and topic are set. She also mentioned that she’s been in touch with the outreach coordinator with Planned Parenthood, who was interested in presenting on navigating friendships. Melissa will investigate further.
  4. No frills fundraiser. Valerie said we’ve raised at least $1550, plus some additional donations through the website. Lara asked if we were happy with the current campaign and time of year it’s sent out. It was suggested that we consider sending out the appeal at the beginning of the year at the same time as we outline all of the ways families can contribute (other fundraisers) and what the PTO is all about. Some ideas included more personalization, photos of the kids, artwork, etc. Focusing on the percentage of involvement as opposed to dollar amounts. Specific, more tangible items would also be helpful. Sara volunteered to help out in any capacity. The idea of a fundraising committee was raised. Lara wondered if teachers would like to have a Christmas wish list for supplies for parents to contribute. We also talked about the sled shortage and how the PTO could help. Sara volunteered to call Costco to see if they have some foam sleds to donate or sell cheaply, then we can hit up parents to help pay the difference.
  5. Technology goals for EES. Paul said we now have a Smart Board, which is an interactive white board. He said it really revolutionizes the way teachers teach. He’d like to invite parents to come see a demonstration. They cost about $3000 with the projector integrated, and $1500 without. His goal is to eventually have one in every classroom. Every 3rd, 4th and 5th classrooms now has an Elmo. If we get the RMH grant, the rest of the classrooms will get theirs. The group discussed the best way to go about raising money for technology.

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