June 2010

1. Election of Officers

The slate of officers nominated: (by Valerie; seconded by Melissa)

Co-presidents: Sandy Flemer and Lara Gentchos

Co-vice-presidents: Ann Kiley and Warren Cornwall

Co-treasurers: Clare Wool and Valerie Hamlin

Co-secretaries: Ursula Jones and Carol Livingston

The slate was approved unanimously.

Melissa Wright asked that we find a new volunteer to take on the responsibility for the EES Community Service Outreach Project – which has focused on Ronald McDonald House this year. Melissa is willing to help get the new person started, and is looking for him/her to take the lead.

2. Budget for 2010-2011

Looking over this past year’s “approved” vs “actual” budget, most items came in as expected. Once again, the contributions made to teachers for field trips were not completely used – almost ½ the budgeted amount remains unused. (Discussion later about how to use this unused amount.) There was extensive discussion about how to support teachers so that all students have field trip experiences every year.

The items in the 10-11 “proposed” budget are the same, except for the additional sum under the Enrichment section requested by Ann Lamont for more clay studio time for kids next year – increasing from one visit to two times. The cost of these visits is also increasing. (Laura Fetters, working on grants, will also request additional money so EES students could resume the 3 visits of previous years.) Additional money was also budgeted for the Walk to School program. Teacher grants of $225 will be given to each classroom teacher, as well as to art, music, Spanish. We added Guidance, as well, and this may be additional money, or come from PE if Mr. L. doesn’t need it. Ursula moved to approve the budget; Carol seconded the motion. The budget was approved unanimously.

Proposals for spending the excess $2500 (from unused field trips):

After much discussion, it was agreed that we would apportion the $2500 in the following ways:

$600 to the 5th grade for end-of-year trip – Ursula talking with 5th grade teachers about ideas for use.

500 to Four Winds to help with start-up costs.

1400 for 2 Elmos and LCD systems (5 classrooms don’t have them at this point)

Carol moved we approve this expenditure; Warren seconded the motion; the motion was approved unanimously.

3. Other

a) Lost and Found (Paul and Lara) – huge pile of clothing that is not being picked up. Paul’s notice in Monday Memo gives families until Friday, 6/11, to pick up items. After that: Melissa, Ann, Ursula will display all the clothing outside for pick-up Monday, 6/14. After that, clothing will be contributed to charity.

b) Dates onto district calendar

Paul is assembling dates for EES activities that will be recorded on the district calendar that is distributed to all families. We agreed that the first Wednesday of the month would be the usual PTO meeting – except the 9/1 meeting (first day of school) will be moved to 9/8. Other dates like Mayfair and Skate Night are not consistent year to year and won’t appear on the calendar.

c) Skate Night – Warren agreed to be the coordinator this upcoming year and received information from PTO members about processes for planning.

d) Directory – Is Meredith King doing this again? Valerie volunteered to help.

e) Welcome Back BBQ is 9/24 – EMS leads out this year.

f)  School facility use – Paul is creating a form for building use that people complete when wanting to use EES facility. The completed forms will be e-mailed to Paul and then handed over to the head custodian so expectations are clear to everyone.

g) Welcome Back Coffee – Melissa and Ann will help organize.

h) August PTO meeting will set up the calendar for the year, as well as discuss the Welcome Back Coffee. Tent needed? Laura and Ann have back-ups if needed. Costco for food? People volunteer for set-up and pick-up.

i) Role of PTO in providing information to EES community about issues/decisions by BSD school board that affect EES – extensive discussion. Ward board members meet with PTO periodically? PTO as a sounding board for concerned community members? How do we stay informed and respond in a timely manner to upcoming Board decision-making?


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