November 2009

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Announcements

  • Request for crossing guard in the middle of Main Street — Ann Kiley reported that after several years of working to make Main Street safer for students and parents, there has been little improvement.  She mentioned the grant slated for 2010 that should address many safety/pedestrian issues and make major improvements, including a blinking light.  In the interim, she urged parents to contact City Council members, School Board officials, and employees from the Department of Public Works (see hand out sheet) for some more visible signage and an official crossing guard.  ACTION ITEM: Ann will draft another petition for signature collection as well.
  • Rotary Club takes on Edmunds as a community service landscaping project — Lara reported that over the next three years, the Rotary Club will spend between $15,000 – $20,000 on the EMS and EES school grounds to improve this “gateway” to downtown.  Mary Ross noted that the bushes and shrubs planted by Lowe’s and EES volunteers this summer should be covered before the snow falls.  ACTION ITEM: Burlap and stakes were mentioned as a simple and cost-effective means of protecting the plants.

3. Sports Swap Update — Warren reported that this year’s Sports Swap made $200.  He suggested that future Sports Swaps be held in conjunction with other schools, and perhaps only every four years. He indicated that he would be willing to continue to coordinate this event.

4. Volunteer Committee Update — Warren handed out an informal “work-in-progress” EES Volunteer Survey for teachers and parents.  A general discussion on volunteering included determining both the stake holders and the barriers to parental involvement, e.g.,childcare needs.  Suggestions were made to talk to people with expertise on parental volunteerism in elementary schools, as well as utilizing EES Room Parents more for a more personal invitation.  It was also noted that information including specific dates, times, and descriptions of volunteer options would likely get a greater response, as would a personal phone call.

5. Paul presents Action Plan — Principal Paul Schreiber handed out his 2009-2010 Burlington School District Action Plan.  The Action Plan outlines action steps to take to reach academic goals in literacy and mathematics, based upon data from the Fall, 2008 NECAPs.  Students are grouped by cohorts in this Plan.  Three new action steps this year include curriculum mapping across grade levels and two math-related action steps, including the addition of a Math Coach one day/week.  These two math-related steps will allow teachers to focus more on differentiated education.  Mr. Schreiber will post this Action Plan on the EES web site for all to see and comment on.

6. Melissa Hathaway discusses potential parenting workshops — Melissa discussed three potential workshops for this school year: a 6 week general parenting workshop by Vicki Hiefle Hemingway; a one-time course on “emotion regulation” by Scott Noyes; and a 4-time course on parenting by Louise Deitzel.  The total cost of $6,000 would be shared by all three participating schools, EES, C.P. Smith, and Flynn, and by “suggested donations”, and participation would be open to the district.  Melissa will present this topic again after speaking with the other schools and determining the cost to EES.

7. Discussion regarding interest in other, less formal parenting discussions — there was interest in pursuing less formal parenting discussions.  One relevant topic suggested was the HINI flu shots.  Meredith noted that following previous formal parenting workshops, many parents pursued their own smaller group discussions.

8. Four Winds Institute Discussion — Carolyn presented a handout and discussed the Four Winds Nature Institute, a hands-on, interactive natural science program.  Volunteer parent teachers would attend workshops to be trained in relevant subject matter, and would then teach it to EES classes.   ACTION ITEM: Carolyn will explore funding options for this Institute, as well as gather a few parent volunteers to find and coordinate the larger group of parent volunteer teachers necessary to run the program.  Option:  a representative of this Institute is willing to come and discuss the program further.

9. Directory — Meredith reported that the 2009-2010 EES Directory is complete and has been/will be sent home with students this week.  Kinko’s charged $525.00 for this year’s directory (cost includes the 45% discount given to the District), vs. no cost as in previous years.

10. Grant Update — Laura reviewed her progress to date on the technology grant for EES teachers/classrooms.  The grant includes requests for elmos with LCD projectors; smart boards; and 6 flip cameras.  The grant is due to be submitted at the end of December.


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