October 2010

Present: Sandy Flemer, Carol Livingston, Ursula Jones, Laura Fetters, Paul Schreiber, Warren Cornwall, Xu Zhou, Janet Kirwan, Major Jackson, Lisa Brighenti, Sharon Laub, Ann Kiley, Clare Wool, Peggy O’Neill, Carolyn Hanson

1. Welcome and Introductions. Sandy called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

2. Grant update. Laura Fetters contacted four foundations seeking two years of funding for the kids to visit the Burlington City Arts clay studio. She said there may be some flexibility in terms of cost. She’s also contacted local banks about donating funds. She will keep us updated.

3. Directory update. Sandy said she and Meredith are still trying to figure out how to print the directory. The group also discussed ways to save money on printing and also how to streamline the process next year.

4. Ongoing events

a. Walk/Roll to School. Peggy said the week is going well. Friday there will be treats for the kids.
b. Skate night. Warren said there are 110 people coming so far. He has several volunteers. Jennifer Green will be the DJ.
c. Thank you to custodians. Sandy said there’s a faculty meeting on October 19th and she plans to present some treats and cards from the kids to thank them for their efforts.
d. Ronald McDonald house. Ann Kiley has taken on the job of coordinating the community service project with the RM house. She’s been in contact with the staff there, and they are very appreciative and excited. A form has been sent around to the teachers to see what individual classrooms are interested in doing. The first project will likely be leaf raking in the next few weeks. She’s planning to enlist the room parents to help further. There’s a Fun Run taking place this Sunday, and EES families are invited to participate.
e. Kindergarten orientation. On Friday, November 5th, there will be a new kindergarten orientation meeting for parents to learn specifics about the school. Melissa Hathaway will be running the event. The PTO will pay for child care.

5. Edmunds merchandise. The t-shirts and other products printed last year benefited the Four Winds Science program. Carolyn said that last year they earned about $1500 on sales from the products and they would like to sell them again this year. There was a lengthy discussion about how to decide which program benefits this year and in future years. Paul said he would convene a meeting with all interested parties in the next two weeks to make a decision. Anyone interested should email Paul.

6. Fundraising update. Sandy said they’ve raised over $5400 through the Innisbrook fundraiser. The PTO will get roughly half. The PTO sold about $1500 worth of coffee.

7. Student safety. Paul said several elementary and middle school students were approached last week on Willard Street in the morning. The police were notified, who interviewed the children involved. Paul decided to notify parents though the Monday Memo, which many parents appreciated. Melissa Hathaway also took the opportunity to remind kids about staying safe. We discussed the best ways to quickly notify parents if there’s another incident.
Submitted by Ursula Jones


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