September 2010

Present: Ursula Jones, Sandy Flemer, Lara Gentchos, Clare Wool, Gabrielle Sealy, Jamie Charlson, Jennifer Adrian, Janet Kirwan, Carolyn Hanson, Sharon Laub, Meredith King, Ann Kiley, Carol Livingston

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Review of 2010-2011 budget. Valerie reviewed the budget that was approved last year and described the expenditures for the group.

3. Upcoming events

  • Welcome Back BBQ. Friday, September 24th . The EMS PTO is organizing this year. Valerie will check with the organizer to find out what EES parents are expected to bring.
  • Skate night. Saturday, October 9th at 4 pm. Warren is organizing skate night this year. We’re asking parents to RSVP this year so we can get a head count. He still needs a couple volunteers to help pick up food/drinks before the event. Sandy will look into music.
  • Fall walk to school. There was a discussion about what took place last year and what we could do this year. Meredith suggested we recognize the crossing guards. Sandy will talk to Paul about an assembly. Claire will email Jen and Angela about coordinating. If they can’t do it, we can put out a request for volunteers. The International Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 6th.

4. Community Service Project. We’ve done the Ronald McDonald House for the past two years and need to decide if we’ll continue with them this year. Melissa Wright can’t head it up again this year. We already have three volunteers who can help, but none wants to be the lead coordinator. Ursula moved to select the RMH as the community service project recipient again this year, with Lara seconding. The motion passed unanimously. Sandy will continue to look for someone to head up the project.

5. Fundraising. We talked about the Vermont Coffee Company fundraiser and whether it was feasible to do a monthly coffee plan. Sandy said if someone else wanted to take over and look into it, they could. The Rest Area bake sale was an idea. Ann asked about an election day bake sales. We’re signed up with Price Chopper again this year. If you register your frequent shopper card, the PTO will earn points. We are usually registered at Hannafords as well. We should put info into the Monday Memo. Sharon agreed to head up the Box Tops again this year.

6. Directory and email blasts. Meredith is heading up the directory again this year, with Valerie assisting. We discussed how to minimize printing costs and whether we could do without the folding, stapling. Or we could ask folks for a $1 or $2 donation to offset the costs. Meredith will look into other printing options. We could do more advertising with signs around school to help remind parents and kids. Sharon volunteered to help put signs up around school and sandwich boards when an event is coming up. Valerie will work with Ursula and Sandy on the email list.

7. Four Winds Update. Carolyn said there are 23 volunteers so far. We still need a few more. She will print out a flyer asking for volunteers and give them to the classrooms that still need help. She’s preparing a letter for the teachers to acquaint them with the program. The first workshop for volunteers is September 17th. The workshops are every month (December and June excluded.) They’ve already raised enough money to cover the cost this year. Next year they’ll need to raise money. They’ll have a lot of mugs left to sell.

8. Thank you to custodians. There’s a new head custodian this year, and we’d like to thank them for their efforts. Lara and Sandy will bring it up with Paul to decide on what’s appropriate.

9. Other. Ann raised the question about whether kids can wait for middle school siblings on the playground after 2:30 without their parents. Lara mentioned the change in the bus schedule, which has also created a challenge.

Submitted by Ursula Jones


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