September 2011

1. Feedback on welcome to Edmunds

*New parent – not enough information before school started. Tour would have been helpful. Open house before school was first day. How does lunch work? Snack?

*Kids are very happy here

*A lot of information – but all separate – would be helpful for it to be all together and compiled in one location/handbook

*Like what’s happening this month poster (PTO update)

*Great to get class list in August

*Workday was inviting – able to see parts of the school that they don’t normally see

*”Returning” family – felt transition back worked well

*Ice cream social after sundown

*Allow parents to walk their child into school in the morning – allows for parent contact with other parents

*Ice cream social was great for incoming k families – good to have contact before school

*Packet of information, open house, ice cream social, coffee hour – great opportunities to meet parents and play (Kindergarten lunch for the three half days)

*Frustration with communication from classroom/teacher – no letter home from teacher to child, no newsletter yet from classroom – each class has own system –some are more transparent and open than others. Things are handed out at Open house and if you don’t attend, you don’t have that information.

*Welcome back coffee is a great way to connect

*Appreciated the phone call to new k parents

*Assembly on first day of school – new k parents were there but kindergarteners were not there

*Events the week before school – people were on vacation or working

*Appreciated the phone call to new K parents, ice cream social, loved the poster that Ann made

*Monday memo is very informative. Preschool checklist of forms you need to fill out/hand out.

*Shelley suggested staggering the paperwork, sending the important forms on first day. Use a color for forms that need to be filled out/important

*Teacher assignment – needs to be sent out earlier. Shelley said kids are always coming and going, Might as well get it done and lesson the anxiety for kids. Mrs. Ross mentioned that we used to do a step up day.

*Someone mentioned doing less paper. Peggy explained that we have to do paper for people who do not have access to the internet. Shelley is going to try and get as much as possible online for those parents who can access the internet. Youngest child in the family will get the Monday Memo. Families who need more than one copy can contact Monica to arrange it. Mailings can be done.

*Child received a letter – to the parents of – parent opened the letter – which was intended for the child.

Final thoughts:

  • Handbook for new parents
  • Role of Melissa Hathaway
  • Resources available for children parents – speech pathology – advocacy for your child
  • Volunteer opportunities for the year “menu”
  • “Rules of the Horseshoe” AM/PM to be put into the Monday Memo. Officially there are only 3 parking spots. No parking, even temporarily. Kate suggested adding signs that have the “rules”. For example – “do not pass

2. Volunteer Opportunities

Warren reviews some opportunities

-help during lunch time (help kids open things, have lunch with your child)

-classroom – different opportunities in each classroom – if you not sure – contact them or meet with them to see what you can do. Different teachers have different philosophies

– help with morning drop-off

-There’s a folder on Monica’s desk containing “Teacher’s Wish Lists” – a rolling wish list for parent to access (We should put this in the Monday Memo)

-Donations are tax deductible – supplies, donations, labor etc.

-Four Winds – natural science education program – parents are the teachers – two hour training each month – teach in classroom once a month – materials are provided.

-Upcoming Events: Skate Night – Community BBQ – community service project

-Parent suggested a fundraiser – gently used toys, clothing, etc. proceeds went to a local charity

-Carolyn mentioned the 4Winds fundraiser at the rest-stops this Saturday. Donation can be sent in on Friday.

-Shelley suggested being specific with seeking donations. If every person calls a few people.

Sharon Laub talked about the Restaurant fundraisers. Unos. Moe’s

Box Tops information to go in Monday Memo. Fundraising information letter?

Email/contact Peggy/Signe suggestions for future agenda items. Also is there another day/time for the meeting.

Shelley will be having a volunteer orientation meeting: confidentiality, blood born pathogens etc. Will do it a few times.

Curriculum night update: Shelley is proposing to change the date to October 3rd. Teachers would do a 20 minute presentations for parents rotating. Childcare in the cafeteria.

Sandy suggested having two groups and reschedule the PTO meeting. Hand out curriculum guidelines ahead of time and have question and answer time. Great opportunity for parents to meet each other.

Kate suggested grouping by grade. You might lose some of the connectedness.

Cate suggested the PTO have signup sheets – ask for volunteers.

Have parents submit questions before hand so teachers can be prepared. Some parents don’t know what questions to ask.

Shelley “How to be a parent of a learner” for future PTO meeting.

Mary Ross brought up the EES Homework Policy – we discussed this with Paul Schreiber last year. Parents really want a guideline or expectations from each class.


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