September 2012


EES PTO Meeting 9/24


Edmunds Resource Room

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Suzanne Weishaar – EES faculty rep

Anne Lamont – EES faculty rep

Shelley Mathias – EES principal

Keith Pillsbury – School Board Rep

Peggy O’Neill – EES PTO Leader

Signe Daly – EES PTO Leader

Clare Wool – EES PTO Treasurer

Claudia Renchy Morton – EES FSP Co-Chair

Erica Dannis

Carolyn Hanson

Leigh Fisher

Marni Slavik

Paul Cranich

Pam Shea

Kate Larson

Rachel Shelley

Annie Howell

Cliff Morgan

Lisa Brighenti

Leslie Halperin

Korinna Hilleman

Kyle Dodson

Noor Hassan

Fardowsa Yusuf

Christine Dodson



Please sit at a table where you see new faces.  Meet and greet one another.

Together, please review the materials on the table:


(1) Agenda – blue, (2) Norms – yellow, (3) Proposal Guidelines – white.


We will also be circulating the attendance sheet and the DPW petition form.


  1. Introductions – meet/greet at your table (oldies and newbies)


  1. Welcome, Agenda and Norms for tonight


  1. Who we are and what we do
    1. Teacher reps – Suzanne Weishaar, Anne Lamont
    2. PTO committee leaders (listed in italics)
    3. PTO leaders
    4. Communications
      1.                                               a.     EES Website/Facebook – Lisa Brighenti, Rachel Shelley
      2.                                              b.     PTO Email Blast – Peggy O’Neill
      3.                                               c.     Attending Faculty Meetings, School Board Meetings, Inviting

            School Board Reps to meeting, Working with FSP

  1. Review events to date
    1. Ice Cream Social – many volunteers
    2. Work Day – many volunteers
    3. K-lunches – Susie Moakley, Courtney Asaro, Carolyn Hanson
    4. BBQ – Nancy Westbrook, Libby MacDonald and many volunteers
    5. Events coming up
      1. Open House/Curriculum Night Information Table – Peggy O’Neill, Signe Daly
      2. Room Parent Orientation 10/3 and 10/ 9 – Pam Shea and room parents
      3. Fall Fundraiser – Clare Wool, Dan Cunningham and team
      4. Walk/Roll to School – Rachel Shelley, Nicole Diebold
      5. Skate Night – Warren Cornwall
      6. Coat Swap during conferences in Oct. – Leslie Halperin, Melissa Hathaway
      7. Teacher food for conferences in Oct.
      8. Multi-Cultural Night, Nov. 9 – Senor Chase, Misa Lindberg


  1. Financial Report – Clare Wool
    1. Where the money comes from
    2. Fall Fundraiser, No Frills
    3. Where the money goes
    4. A-frame signs purchase – check Vistaprint
    5. Skate Night – free of charge for everyone
    6. Proposal for PTO event guidelines

Cliff Morgan – presented info on Box Tops for Education – handout

  1. Other volunteer opportunities
    1.                                               a.     Traffic Circle Greeters – Dave Jenneman
    2.                                              b.     Photos on bulletin boards – Claudia Renchy Morton
    3.                                               c.     Hearing/Sight Screening – helping the nurses – Tue/Fri this week
    4.                                              d.     Math Night
    5.                                               e.     Spring Play – Susie Moakley, Kirsten Worden, Kristin Shamis
    6.                                                f.     VSO Petting Zoo – Carolyn Hanson, Rachel Shelley
    7.                                              g.     Spring Walk/Roll to School
    8.                                              h.     Teacher Appreciation Week
    9.                                                i.     PE Field Day – Tyler Sessions
    10.                                                j.     Spring Green-Up – Kevin Veller
    11.                                              k.     Mayfair – Pam Shea, Courtney Asaro (50th anniversary?)


Use sign-up genius for volunteer events if possible

Try Survey Monkey for volunteers – Annie Howell will put together

  1. PTO Events for fall (spring)
    1. Proposed (some carried over)
      1.                                               a.     Internet Safety/Media Education
      2.                                              b.     Learn another language/Meet and Greet Event
      3.                                               c.     R’October Dance 10/26 – divide grades
  2. New Suggestions
    1.                                               a.     Teachers
    2.                                              b.     Parents – more connection with teachers for new parents at beginning of school year; clear directions for Open House/Curriculum Night


  1. Exit cards – suggestions for PTO events, comments on events so far, others feedback.
  2. Tour of school for new parents – Peggy O’Neill


















Mission: The Edmunds Elementary School PTO’s mission is to enrich the lives of students,

to support the work of teachers and to build a caring community.



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